#FightNight at Parlay

The fight we have all been waiting for is finally here! This Saturday August 26th the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight- The fight the world will be watching for sure! I will be watching the fight at Parlay Gastropub in Rockville Centre, NY.

To make it even better, I will be going by MMA Fighter Truck Gordon. I hope he doesn’t mind I pick his brain before the fight to see if he can help me predict the fine details that will lead to the outcome! Truck Gordon Has a pretty awesome story, you can watch it here:

While I am hanging out at Parlay for fight night, I will be taking pictures with everyone & talking all about who everyone predicts will take this fight! Yes, we can snap chat, take pictures & just have some time to hang out! All of it will happen this Saturday Night!

Parlay Gastropub 210 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, NY 516-442-2600