Back In Black….

The very first song I ever stripped to was, “Back in Black” by ACDC. I remember it like it was yesterday, every single detail. I had a friend take me to this very shady go go bar out side of Philly to meet the manager. It was a day shift & it was dismal, but I knew this was my chance to get on stage & see if a) I had enough balls to take my clothes off. b)If I could dance enough to satisfy the manager & get hired.

When I hear that song today, I smile & shake my head at the same damn time! I flash back to all of my thoughts when I was surveying the situation. I was just a teenager, arriving with some really fresh, really bad, fake ID. There was a jukebox. The manager told me to pick a song. There was a very limited selection, but when I say ACDC it was a no brainer. I searched for some coins in my bag. With a handful of coins, I looked down into the jukebox and made my final song choice.

Back in Black. Great beat. Easy to dance to, loved by all while also tying in with my all black matching outfit.

The dressing room & jukebox were upstairs from the bar. There were no chairs; the girls just sat on the floor. It was just a room, with some cracked glass windows letting in way too much cold air to be excited about taking my clothes off. I was having serious conversations with myself this one stands out the most.

I remember telling myself this on repeat “Everything you are about to deal with is going to provide you with every freedom you want!” I knew it was a small price to pay for my freedom & I was right.

When I saw freedom, to me, the freedom I wanted included 3 things. 1. Being financially independent. 2. Making my own schedule.  3. Traveling the world. Those are the things I always wanted, those are the things I accepted trade offs for. Everything in life has tradeoffs. Everything. I have no regret about any of it, because I was able to stick to my goals & I have been able to live the life I want!

The one thing I could have never predicted, the one thing that I didn’t even know till now. This life, these choices, have given me so much more. I have my sexual freedom. That sexual freedom has given me this incredible confidence, this powerful feeling, this kind of really comical reality that I consider myself a sexual superhero. This label is because of all of the people I have met, the conversations I have had & the happiness & excitement I have been able to bring them. I have this constant smile and warmth over this unexpected satisfaction.

Where am I going with all of this….. Well … I am BACK …. Totally for me, while also totally for you. Last month I shot my first sex scene in 3 years & it was amazing. I love creating a sexy product. I really just do. After the shoot I held on to the footage for a week before I sent it to my editor.  I watched it carefully. I wanted to really soak it in, think about it all. The WHY’s. the WHY NOT’s.. All of the above.

Living life as a sexual superhero is fun for me. Something with love I want to entertain. I have finally posted the first part of the photo set of my sex scene with Isiah Maxwell on my website TheLisaAnn. Title :Back In Black”