Friday Night #Vegas

Well, well, well, “The Kid” (sometimes how I refer to myself lol) The Kid is getting OUT Friday Night. I was so excited to get the call asking of I was going to AEE/ AVN with the invite to host Friday Night (January 26th) at Light!

With no intentions of going to the event, I saw no reason to deny a 24 hour trip (actually it will only be about 19 hours door to door) I instantly said YES I will host, but no I am not going to the events. My reasoning for that is something that I have been writing about that I will share with you, some time down the road.

The reality is, kicking things up with my production company, working on my website & building my podcast all landed at the same time the end of the NFL It & the first pitch to my fantasy baseball studies.

I absolutely LOVE the balance that I have in my life right now! I smile about it every day, multiple times a day. I was drifting to sleep last night thinking one of my favorite sayings “Variety is the Spice of Life” is so real for me right now. I will admit, I have been working longer hours with less down time than I have had in a bit. I am inspired, so I have tons of energy, BUT breaks are KEY!

I will be taking a total break, this Friday when I hop on a flight to Vegas & get ready to, as I like to say, “Play Dress Up” … I will have fun getting ready to put on my party dress & I will see everyone for my BIG Night Out at Light Las Vegas!