Sometimes I Share…

Not just the title of my new movie, but the inspiration of a new idea. This time it revolves around the wardrobe that I supplied for my female costars in my new movie. I am going to take the items, list them on My Sexy Auctions & take the proceeds to be donated to the charity of choice of my co stars!

This is also a super fun way for us to reconnect, meet up for a coffee while we talk about the charity & personally autograph four unique 4 x 6 photos for the winner of the outfits. I will be sure to shoot some social media footage for you all so you all can be a part of it all!

Since the very first scene I shot in my movie was with Raven Hart, Raven is first to take part in the unique & fun charity idea. Sometimes we all should share right!?

You can see the outfits here.

As for the movie, to be released on the Evil Angel website scene by scene & then off to DVD. I will keep you up to date on the timeline!