Sexual Superhero…

It is currently yesterday as you are reading this, I am already on set & excited about the day! So… Lets back track… I have discovered listening to the curiosity of others that there are a lot of unknowns about how this all goes down in the life of shooting adult films for a living. Knowing that I can only speak for myself, I thought I would give you the play by play on what the day before a shoot is like for me.

I start the day in a salt bath where I exfoliate my skin well to be sure my shave the next day is smooth, but it is the one day I don’t shave, allowing a little growth to give me a closer shave on shoot days. These 4K high def camera are NOT forgiving so I take it to the extreme to avoid any marks on my skin. I don’t wear and tight garments,  socks or underwear the day before a shoot to avoid the razor bump risk and I spend the day in loose fitting clothing to make my skin as calm & supple as possible for my shoot! I also don’t tan the day before, that is 48-72 hours before so my skin can calm & I wont b e getting tanner thru the shoot day. (that happens for 24 hours after a visit to the tanning bed) I also exfoliate my skin & give myself a facial. I find the same day of the shoot a facial can make my skin too active, so 1 day before is perfect for me.

As the  producer, the  director & the talent I have a lot of responsibility for shoot days.   I break it down into segments the day before so I can get it all done correctly with no last minute rushing around. On the producer end, I get my paperwork together for set, write all of the checks & make sure my back pack is packed with pens, chargers a hard drive & my big jam box speaker that I make sure is fully charged.  This shoot is on a Thursday but I like to reach out to my crew, talent & agents a couple of days in advance to give out the details for the shoot. The location, the times, the wardrobe & the scenario. I feel this gives all of us the best opportunity to be in the right mindset. I sent out this weeks shoot info on Monday. Clearly I was super excited about this shoot!

Once I handle the paperwork, I get to step away from my office & pack up the set supplies, paper towels, trash bags, cleaning supplies, towels for after sex showers, snacks & a coffee pot. Yup, I like to pack a coffee pot & make coffee for the crew half way thru the day. I forgot it my last shoot & through I enjoyed messing with the postmates delivery guy, (video below) it is just easier to have the coffee pot on hand. I measure out the grinds perfectly so I can just add water and have coffee! I also have an actual set sex kit, everything from baby wipes, to a variety of lubes, hand sanitizers & a first aid kit. You never know! Those items are packed and ready to go by my door so shoot day I can just load my car!

This list of tasks are usually done the day before a shoot by 10am. This gives me the rest of the day to hit the gym, cryotherapy, hair & nails. During all that I am thinking up my scenario for the scene, working out my looks in my head knowing when I get home I will try everything on one last time to be sure it all looks great & I don’t need to over pack extra stuff this way. I pack my accessories with each outfit & have it all perfectly organized.

I started a new thing the past couple of months, I take a nice walk the  day before a shoot. I listen to music & think about the scene. The day. From my crew to the location and then to the fun I will have with my co stars. I think about my fans that I have met all over the world, the smiles on their faces when we connect & the “happiness”s my new scene will bring. (picture my grin) This is like an athlete before a big game, its all about gearing my thought process to tune out all of the other noise and fall into one thing.. Sexual Superhero. Yup, that is where I go mentally, that is my mindset. Like Wonder Woman before she hops in her invisible jet, I am getting my head so in the game. I love this time, it reminds me of the pure freedom I feel by my existence. I love that it just baffles people that this is what I do, there is something so unique in no one understanding but everyone enjoying. Hard to explain, but when I get into this mindset it is my great escape. This little walk, a connection with nature & the fresh air calms me & allows me to disconnect a bit earlier for bed. Superheroes need their sleep!

Now, depending on the type of the scene dictates what time I will go to bed, but no matter what the scene it is never after 9. I usually put on a little tv & go through some fashion magazines to see if there is a new make up or hair look I love & if I find anything I take a picture of it and brig it with me to set the next day.

Since I am talking to you about today, yesterday, the day I am in now but not the one when you will read this.. This is NOT just a normal scene where I will be going to bed at 9 am looking forward to my  morning coffee, smoothie & snack in traffic. Tomorrow is BIG time. a DP … A DP with 2 of my favorite guys, Isiah Maxwell & Rob Piper. Oh, wait, what’s a DP? Double penetration. So yes, anal. so yes, no coffee & no food for me tomorrow. I had a slice of pizza today around 2pm and at 5pm I ate my last meal, soup and salad. The not eating thing is much easier for me now that I do intermittent fasting. I map it out well & feel really good.

Tonight’s plan is this, normally I would be in bed by 8pm, but I have to host an HOA meeting at 8pm, so it will be a bit later. (HOA Homeowners Association, yes I host them, why wouldn’t I, I am the HOA president!) As soon as I go to bed, I will eat a grip of laxatives. I will sleep like a baby until about 2am when I will wake to be in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes.  (I sure hope this is not TMI) 😂I shower so I can relax enough to get a good 2 hours more sleep and then I get up at 4 am to do all the girlie stuff to be clean for set & be able to rock this DP footage for all of you to enjoy. You can see with all that why I would like to go to bed at 8pm. LOL

You may wonder why specific scenes like anal or a DP take so much prep, well it makes the day smoother, it puts out a better product & it is just easier on my body to know that I have don e everything to prepare properly for the day. This should also show you why these scenes are not for everyone. It took me years to be able to know my body well enough to actually know what I am  doing is working & my day will be a success. I know there are no guarantees, but I also know that the more I can be prepared the better I feel.

Well just another random steam of consciousness, with some real detail

XO LA aka #SexualSuperhero