Happy Thanksgiving @Wet VR

Get your VR Goggles ready…..

Just when you think I am not listening… I respond. This time I stepped right up and responded with action! Over the past year I have noticed so many requests to see me in VR (Virtual reality) scenes, so I took the time to search out the perfect scenario to make all of your wishes come true and shoot some VR Scenes for you.

There are two, holiday themed VR scenes and the first one is all about Thanksgiving! In the random chance that all the food is ready early and you can make time for a quickie before the guests arrive, you may want to have your goggles ready and do just that as that is the exact break down of this first scene.


The second scene is a Christmas theme and it has a little twist. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell you, you will love them both. I had a great time both days on set and had fun playing sexy dress up for you all, once again.

I didn’t want my career to be timestamped by technology, so getting these VR Scenes shot for some Lisa Ann Holiday time was my way to say Happy Holidays!