UrbanX Edition

This pair of MY Sexual Superhero Series is the “UrbanX” edition, as Lisa Ann pays tribute to hosting the Urban X Awards Red Carpet in 2011 by repurposing the dress that was worn to share with fans on their feet. Her new edition “UrbanX” Custom Sneakers are wrapped with pieces from the dress and other unique fabrics.

When Lisa Ann was designing this custom pair of sneakers, she decided to go to visit the Garrixon Studios operation in Philadelphia and get a walk through on the design by custom sneaker art creator Richie Range.

Huntington Beach Shoot Sneakers-134

You can watch the video of Lisa Ann’s Visit here http://ow.ly/szkW30pGD6K

Lisa Ann’s UrbanX Edition are available at The Lisa Ann Kicks Store http://ow.ly/hA9F30pGD92

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