Lisa Ann Does Fantasy

Tonight is the return of Lisa Ann Does Fantasy 10pm – 12am et on Sirius 210 XM 87 and I am totally psyched!

It was September two thousand and thirteen when my co-host Adam Ronis and I did our very first episode of Lisa Ann Does Fantasy. I remember the excitement I felt and how little I actually knew about radio and the art of doing good radio. The added bonus, the friendship I built with my cohost Adam, who is also responsible for me studying the game of baseball and becoming a New York Mets fan!

I totally lucked out having Adam teach as the lead to the show, teaching me something new every show.. There were a couple funny moments, example, I knew nothing about the radio expression “the art of the tease” to me, tease has always been that three minutes of time of a girl strutting her stull and teasing the camera, so there is that, but I digress. The “art of the tease” is leaving the listener before a break with something thought provoking enough to ensure they don’t change the channel. Adam would do an incredible tease and I would instantly, before break, answer the question. Totally ruining the tease. We laughed and with each mistake, I learned something new allowing me the opportunity to do better and grow my career and voice on radio. 

Flash forward to the Lisa Ann Does Fantasy 2021 edition, I will be leading the show. I will also be writing a segment that will be a fun check in with the LADF fantasy basketball league. Adam will do the honors of bringing us into that segment so I can be ready to commentate the weeks results, moves, big wins- big losses. I am going to make this a really fun hoops segment with some highlights an lowlights! 

A weekly DFS challenge will be back and every Monday and  I will be posting a NBA DFS Challenge so we can be following along with it on air as the games are being played. 

If you don’t get to listen to the show live you can always listen later, streaming on the SiriusXM app. 

Lisa Ann Does Fantasy Monday Nights 10pm-12am et Sirius 210 XM 87