#MorningMen #Babkini

Tomorrow morning I will be in studio visiting the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio. I was a weekly guest for a while on the show and I loved it, we had so much fun & pretty much laughed all morning. There is Mike Babchik who goes by “Babs” also Evan Cohen who uses his actual name & lives like an adult and then there is my BAE Andrew Goldberg. I can’t wait to see them! The listeners, the crew, the family of the #MorningMen go by #FALS so when you see me post #FALNation that is what I am talking about. Ah, the freedom of not being limited to 142 characters.  The listeners got me the bikini & what you see on there is Babs face! We officially called it the #Babkini

Here is a picture of me, Babs & Evan & yes, I am holding the NBA Championship Trophy. (The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy to keep it official)

MorningMenNBATrophyI was fortunate enough to get the #Babkini right before I was shooting my book cover for #TheLIFE so I packed it with me and had some fun with it. Here are some you may or may not have seen.

Babkini_reCBabkini_reEI can’t wait to be back in studio talking with everyone! My favorite thing was taking the calls while we were on break, so many laughs. I have more history to share & photos from #FALCon etc. I will be adding that for you all too!

Talk to you soon #FALNation