Fantasy Baseball

This is a VERY specific blog post, so I know it just won’t appeal to ALL of you. So for those of you are who are in this very unique, extremely obsessive world of Fantasy Baseball, this post is for us. This is my 2nd year playing in a Season Long Fantasy Baseball League. Keep in mind the league I am in is a hosts league, so I am up against a skill set that last year was very frightening to me. Hence, I finished the season in last place. It hurt, but I had no one to blame but myself. I didn’t know enough, so I committed. I studied, I did a ton of mock drafts & I treated this with the utmost importance, leading me to my standings at the present time..

LeagueJune232nd place makes me very happy, 1st place would make me ECSTATIC .. My goal was to finish in the top 3- So I am holding on to that promise to myself, but I am living in fear. The fear that we are already starting to get in DEEP with Fantasy Football talks, news, reports, all things that can distract the mind from the focus of Fantasy Baseball. Here is the plan…. Staring Monday June 26th, I will do a DFS Challenge on Draft Kings Monday thru Friday till the season ends. I will tweet out the link to my free challenge & this will keep me on focus since I will be trying to beat 199 competitors in my 200 player free challenge. As for YOU, this is for all of you who start to miss hearing the focus of fantasy baseball fade away. I got you! I will be sure to screen grab the top 5 daily & tweet them out so we can all see who has their fantasy baseball game face on! (I hope it is ME)

Yes, Fantasy Football is around the corner, but I want to show my love to all you Fantasy Baseball Players so we can finish out the season together. If you never played, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the Fantasy Baseball DFS world… This is going to be fun, our own version of take me out to the ball game!