This is a new generation kind of thing, something I am proud to admit I don’t understand. I am even more proud to admit I don’t even care to spend a moment trying to wrap my head around it. I am way too unique for that; it’s just not my jam. Stealing what isn’t theirs, while wasting their time they could be spending making something organically be theirs. It is more than the previous style of just riding someone’s coattails. It is thievery at it’s finest. There are so many impostor accounts on social media; it is pointless for me to fight them all. Some of them have been successful at conning my fan base for money. Some have just used the bait and switch. Prostitution web sites posting it and are collecting the deposits from my fans, misleading them to think that they are going to get to get some time with me. Once the guy arrives to find it is another girl and she and the company he has already paid lie and say I flaked. Sorry not sorry, I don’t feel bad for anyone falling for that BS. You have to be a real sucker to think I am desperate enough to meet a stranger in a hotel and get paid to have sex with him. EWW Gross. I would go back to working with my favorite porn stars and have some fun with it! LOL


Next level impostors, brand impostors. Companies in the industry selling products they say I endorse. They say I am involved in, they use pictures they stole from my own website, that I own. I guess when the word got out that I wasn’t willing to spend an additional five hundred thousand dollars in court to protect my own production company they say as an opportunity. A free for all. Companies I worked for, for years. Successful relationships that were very profitable and now so desperate to still be a part of my brand that they just do their own thing. Steal and profit. You know from following me on social media who I work with, what products I love that I want to share with you. It is pretty straight forward, yet there is still some confusion.



The slow pitch again, mixed with a curve ball. This all resulted in the same thing, derailing my time. When I actually sat to think about how much time I spend a day on these things I would say minimum two to three hours a day, five days a week. Weekends I take off because I have realized most employees that are working on the weekends that could help you with something like this actually can’t. Instead they tell me they would have to have their manager contact me on Monday. After the first six months of this, I decided to just say fuck it, why bother. I will let them have their fun for the weekend and handle it Monday. The way the evil play today is really some next level shit. As I survey it all, event-by-event I am sadder for them than me. More sad that they are finding pleasure in this. That this is the life they choose.


In my humble opinion it is up to all of us. We are all responsible for our “village” as I call it. I am the first of my friend to text someone who is being negative on social media and just ask them kindly to step away. Put down the phone, stop with the verbal weapon. Sometimes everyone needs a reminder to stay positive and do the right thing. I am often called “life’s hall monitor” (like the hall monitors in school that make sure you would go straight to the restroom from class & back to class lol) That is so me & you know what my people, I don’t mind. I want to be positive, a positive person, a positive influence & a positive friend. Let me remind you today how good it feels, how much I love it & how much you do too! We all really desire a happy, stress free life. It is our choice to make it happen & live it!


Have a positive day everyone!