My Fantasy Football Hack!

Ladies, don’t look away now, because though this says Fantasy Football it may just apply to you! We are natural born multitaskers, with an innate ability to love to organize. Those facts make us strong fantasy football team owners, trust me.


By this time next month I will be knee deep in drafts and we will be underwater with an incomprehensible amount of random news coming from training camps, potential player injuries, recovery set backs and so on.

This is the calm before the storm & I want you to know how I plan my attack on learning what I need to know and when. My studies start to get really aggressive right about now! I force myself to make the time to shut out the world while I start a project that will take enough time to complete I can do a crash coarse listening & learning over the endless hours it takes to properly tackle my project.

This brings me to my closet. Yes, I said my closet. Every pre season, by the last week in July, most fantasy sports shows & pod casts have completed their team-by-team breakdowns. This is my GO time also my time to do my really extensive studying, reorganizing & cleaning of my closet. I take my ipad & my wireless speaker into my closet for a couple of days. I start with all of the shows on demand at SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, then I power through some pod casts.

I take my time while I am sorting through my closet, deciding what I want to keep & what I want to get rid of, while I am at the same time listening, learning & mentally building the perfect fantasy football team options. The process of getting rid of things is tied into remembering what players I do not want on my teams this year. I sort & I struggle, while I try on clothes & make decisions, I study.

I have found over the past 3 years of sticking to this routine, I have been more successful in my leagues, more ahead on my studies & most important, I start the football season with a clean & uncluttered closet. That’s a GREAT feeling.

Let’s the study/ reorganizing session begin. Fantasy Football Season is around the corner. Win or loose, I will have a freshly cleaned & organized closet to be proud of!