Logistics – yes, I said it.. That is exactly what I call the crunch time when I am mapping out multiple trips, travel, events etc. I like to take 1 week a every two months and clearly map out the future two months I am working on. You should know I am usually 4 months ahead. What is funny about that factoid is the fact that by the time I plan the event, to the time it takes place flies by and still after years of the same, it still shocks me. (Time really does fly when you are having funJ)


One of the logistical priorities about where I am going and when is people. Do I know anyone there that I could possibly get to see? The next logistical priorities is the obvious sports. What teams are there & what games may be playing. The next logistical priority is places. What do I want to see, where do I adventure & now recently added, can I sky dive there.



Those are the fun priorities, but take into consideration I have already hashed out all of the work details, contracts & travel plans. Work stuff first, play stuff second. I have always had the logistics part of my operation, but most people may not know that I book all of my own events, travel, issue contracts, schedule pod casts, interviews etc. So, now you can see why I say logistics.


What I love about al of this is the obvious, control ha, but NO that’s not the only thing. I love the adventure, the connection I have with people I have all over the world, the endless hours of interesting conversations & all of the wonderful places I have been able to visit.


I have magically struck the perfect balance between my past and my future, while holding on tightly to what I love most, entertaining my curiosity with adventure.


I will post a list of events for you this week! I have lots of spots to visit & hopefully meet you! XO