#LADF League Draft

Fantasy Football Season is here.. Yeah, yeah this may seem early, but really, if you want to win like I do, it is never too early to study & prepare. Last season was the first season I decided to be a commissioner & totally run a Fantasy Football League. The #LADF League  (Lisa Ann Does Fantasy=LADF) in now in it’s 2nd season & we wanted to have the draft live on air again like we did last season. I can tell you this, it isn’t easy to draft & talk on air for my show, but it sure is fun.

Fantasy Football, like all fantasy sports, have a very interesting way to bring people together. Football, the shortest season, is easiest for most people to stick with through the season. We like to stay active on the chat message boards game day, send too many GIF’s after players make big plays & the occasional smack talk.

Here is a photo from last month when I had the pleasure of interviewing Erik Griffin to talk about his Showtime Comedy Special & his new show! ErikGriffin

The #LADF League is a cast of characters, everyone from my girl & die hard NY Giants Fan Richelle Ryan to Matt from OK State, the range of players is vast! Other than my co host, the most electric league mate is Erik Griffin. You may know him from Workaholics, Movies, Comedy Shows & his latest project that I am hooked on Showtime Series


Erik Griffin will be live in studio with me for the LADF Fantasy Football Draft Monday August 14th 10pm-12am on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Sirius 210 XM 87. Even if you haven’t gotten bitten by the Fantasy Sports bug yet- I promise you that this will be entertaining & you may just see the silliness & fun of it all that keeps me so HYPE!