The SiriusXM Host League #2 Draft

The SiriusXM Host League #2 is in the books. My team is drafted, but see, since we draft so early, I look at my draft as more of an outline or blueprint for the start of the season. A LOT can happen between now and the official kick off of the NFL Season. If you, like me, we are spending endless hours watching camp reports, listening to sports radio as we try to prep for out fantasy football drafts. There is a lot of confusion, some game changing trades, injury and so on. So I can’t put too much stock in early decisions but I try to really focus on the later rounds in the draft.


Taking part in a host league has its benefits. I listen to their shows, I take their advice and in the mean time I know what players they will and will not be drafting. So I use this to my advantage. Knowing the mindset of your league can leave you some amazing value picks in the later rounds of the draft.


About an hour before the draft, I make a smoothie & I fill a glass pitcher with ice water with some cucumber and lemon. I look at this as a serious time where I cannot walk away from my computer for anything, so I set myself up. On my TV will be preseason games on mute, on my ipad I listen to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. I know if I am listening to the channel I won’t miss a fantasy relevant piece of important news. I take a couple minutes to visit my favorite fantasy sites; I look over my rankings while I make some lists. One of my lists is “chances” these are players that can really have a chance or really have no chance at all, but they will be on my bench till they prove my theory or they will be tossed out on to the waiver where they will be waiting to be picked up by their next believer. Some players are placeholders, especially this early.


The draft begins- I am picking from the 6th spot in this PPR, snake format draft. Simple.

Pick one- shocked me; I never thought he would land on me at the 6 spot-


Pick #1: Odell Beckham WR NYG BYE Week: 8

This is a no brainer, OBJ is always reminding us that he can catch with one hand and has the ability to separate form the coverage. When the Giants added Brandon Marshall I can see yes, maybe another option for Eli but really more of a potential mix up for the defenses. OBJ will make fantasy owners proud again this season.


Pick #2: TY Hilton WR IND BYE Week: 11

Now- there is a lot of talk about the health of Andrew Luck. The QB is the key and we all know that, but we also know Luck played through it last season & the connection between Luck in Hilton led to 91 receptions on 156 targets- 6 TDS. Sure we would all like more than 6 TD’s from our #2 pick, I would also like him taller than 5’9” so he can get some separation in the redzone, but this is PPR and he got me!,448 yards in 2016. I am a believer that they are being slow with the return of Luck & when he gets the chance to play he will be fresh.


Pick #3: Tom Brady QB NE BYE Week: 9

The controversial pick in a host league. It is like officially breaking the seal. Do not break glass kind of thing, but hear me out. NE has added Brandon Cooks, Gronk could just be back to 100% – hey even 90% could be a monster season. You got new money for Edleman and the list goes on. So when you draft, you want some ownership in NE- the Patriots, the Superbowl Champs, don’t you? Yes, you should because you know one thing, they will not be playing in a 7/3 game. The Patriots put up points. Who is running that show? Yup, Gisele’s Husband, Mr Tom Brady. To me, this is a solid pick. A pick that I have no worries about. The BYE week for the Patriots is week 9, so I wont have to worry about a back up QB for a while. Let’s face facts, The Patriots are a good team & they keep getting more weapons for Tom Brady to score me monster fantasy points.


Pick #4: Joe Mixon RB CIN  BYE Week: 6

This is also a little controversial, but at the same time, this is fantasy football & from what Mixon showed in preseason & the risk the Bengals took drafting Mixon, I know own him on 2 teams. He is a player I fear being up against in a match up, on another team. So Mixon was my 3rd pick, my first RB. Defiantly a risk taking a rookie that early, but the narrative speaks to me. He is also a threat as a receiving back, points, points, and points!


Pick #5: Greg Olsen TE Carolina BYE Week: 11

Greg Olsen is just so consistent. The change of no more Ted Ginn in Carolina could add some targets from Cam to Olsen this season. The Superbowl slump just tackled the Panthers. Cam was tossed around early in the season last year leading to him not being at 100% health. With Olsen as my TE & concerns with Cam’s health, I knew that I would be taking another TE later in the draft.


Pick #6: LeGarrett Blount RB PHL BYE Week: 10

If you owned Blount last season you find him hard to pass up when he falls to you in the draft. Considering there are changes, he is no longer in NE and is now in PHL. This could be DeMarco Murray 2015 and leave me devastated, OR it could be something like what we saw last season. I rolled the dice and feel like it is a boom or bust situation.


Pick #7: Marvin Jones WR DET BYE Week: 7

Jones started the 2016 season with a BOOM, it faded a bit, for sure. BUT he still managed to put up 930 yards. Only 4 TDs but almost 1000 years. We know he has another year under his belt working with Safford & can pick up the pace a bit this season. 6-8 TD’s isn’t out of the question here.


Pick #8: Eddie Lacy RB SEA BYE Week: 6

This broke my soul. How can I support this? I ask myself. This is so boom or bust, it all depends on Lacy’s waistline. YIKES .. BUT why not- this is pick 8 – I have seen lacy got in the 3rd. This was just a value pick that may just be like something too cheap that falls apart. You get what you pay for! LOL


Pick # 9: Taylor Gabriel WR ATL BYE Week: 5

Gabriel came out of nowhere with his 5’8” frame grabbing 6 TDs last season. He is fast and I am certain every single Falcon will be playing with a vengeance after the outcome of the Superbowl. I would look at the matchups between Gabriel & Jones to see a value potential play in the flex. My 2 starting WR’s are OBJ & Hilton for sure.


Pick # 10: Alfred Morris RB DAL BYE Week 6

Who is going to be the back that takes the most of the workload while Zeke is suspended? That is the question. Could be McFadden, but lets consider how much of the season he missed last year, he is another years older and from the talks at camp, Morris is in the lead for the job, though they will spilt carries.

Pick #11: Kenny Golladay WR IND BYE Week 7

This could just be the kid that takes my points from TY Hilton, if that does become a reality, then at least I have him and someone else doesn’t. He is lighting it up in preseason & at camp. We know when Luck is healthy he can pepper is targets effortlessly. So with a bad defense & the right match up, I could always play them both with one in my flex.Cameron Brate TE TAM BYE Week 11

Pick #12: Cameron Brate TE TAM BYE Week 11

I love Cameron Brate this season. The connection with Jameis Winston is just magic. We say him come alive last season, ending the season with 8 TDS! I picked him up off the waiver wire last season & he helped me to a championship. The most recent news that rookie OJ Howard will be utilized more in the blocking scheme makes me only more confident about my BRATE Expectations! I had a total #facepalm moment when I realized both my TE’s have the same BYE week. Luckily I have till week 11 to deal with that.

Pick # 13: Tim Hightower RB DF BYE Week 11

Hightower has one RB in front of him for the job in SF- butter fingers Carlos Hyde. Well Hyde did it again and again & just this week on Monday Hightower started practice in the first team reps. This is a good sign and for my last player pick before my kicker & defense.


Kicker: Cairo Santos KCC BYE week 10

Do you remember week 4 last season? The week Santos had 27 points. Yeah I do too, so I want another week or two of that- so easy pick


Defense: Patriots BYE Week 9

WHY NOT, they are all around a great team & always improving!



Now- you can judge my team, we all do it to each other. It is all part of Fantasy Sports in general. Keep in mind it is early, many things can happen. I wanted all players with full health. I wanted all players with opportunity. I wanted a solid QB . GOT all that and had some fun!