Sports Radio 610 #Houston

This was really, a true and perfect way to kick off #FantasyFootball Season! It started with the idea of hosting a listener event at Sports Radio 610 and that was just the beginning. It turned into an action packed weekend, full of awesome adventures!

houstonsr6101a.jpgI was welcomed in with a tour of the studio, got to meet everyone & socialize a bit before we started the Fantasy Football Forum. You have to go and check out the periscope @SportsRadio610 where I got to assist in the reading of the Friday special, super sexy, traffic report!

FFForum1The forum was also on the SportsRadio610 Facebook Live. The room was set up so well, listeners had food & nice couches to relax on while we broke down different concepts in the mind of the Fantasy Football Player. The forum was moderated by Sean T Pendergast & I was joined on stage on my right Ted Johnson, Cody Stoots & Mike Meltser.

FFForum2Being in a room with such great sports minds inspires me. It also reminds me that I have more work to do, more details to learn about & I always have room to grow. Cody & Mike were incredible to listen to. I felt myself up for a next level challenge when I left that room! The challenge is to learn more of the defensive players, play in some IDP Leagues & just learn more depth & play calling. I got this, don’t worry! After the forum we had a meet & greet where I signed books & took pictures with the listeners! SO FUN! I also made sure to have a pic of Me- Sean & Ted! I lucked out last season getting the opportunity to be a part of their show on my weekly spot on #FantasyFootballFridays

HoustonSR6Even cooler than these two & all the awesome people at the station, I tripped on the amount of listeners that talked to me about my Friday spots from last season & showed me their teams on their phones to talk about their drafts! This was exciting, another moment where I feel I have really changed the narrative in my life & have opened a new topic that allows endless conversation & banter! I love fantasy sports & even more I love the other people who share my love for fantasy sports! It was now time for us to all go out & get some dinner. Check this out…


I was pleasantly surprised & entertained when we walked outside to find this limo bus taking us to dinner. Really, this is my life? No way! LOL

FullSizeRender 25We arrived at The Grotto Restorante & were escorted into this beautiful, private room with our own TV so we could all watch the game while we ate. SO awesome!

GrottoItalian7We had the best variety of Italian Plates to share, I cheated on my diet and enjoyed every bit of it. The bread, the cheese, the fries, all of it. Sometimes you gotta live a little you know! Now- If you are ever in the Houston area, PLEASE check this place out!

Great food, great atmosphere with INCREDIBLE Company. Thank you to Sean, Amy, Ted & Yoyo for being the best hosts ever & taking me to such an amazing night out!


GrottoItalian1I landed in Houston Friday afternoon & this was the action packed Day 1. Just wait, there is more- I got to have some fun at Cindie’s Saturday  & will make a separate post with photos for you. To keep the sports theme going, lets skip to my first time at the RNG Stadium for the Patriots/ Texans PreSeason Game. Off the bucket list it goes. We arrived early so I could wander around, visit the stations remote set up out side & just scope it all out!

HoustonGameTracy1I should have had a sign that says “I love Tracy!” Tracy made this trip special. From working together at the studio Friday for the forum to her checking on me all afternoon & evening at the game, she is lovely. She works really hard & I always admire a true female boss. That is her, but all you see is the cool factor that surrounds her.

HoustonGame1I decided to give this game corn hole I hear so much about a run. It reminds me of a game we called bean bags as a kid & I was just as bad it it as an adult! Still, When in Rome!

HoustonGameFansAfter my failed attempt at corn hole, I was spotted by these two. So I decided to mix it up, as they were approaching me, I approached them & asked them if I could have a photo with them, on my phone. It totally threw them off! LMAO – after we took my photo, I told them I would taken on their phones for them to have. Let’s be real, I wanted a picture of anyone bold enough to wear those shorts. They were hella cool, I tweeted the photo, then saw them inside the stadium. They were so hype I tweeted the photo! I was also surprised how many Patriots fans there were at the game!

HoustonStadium1The view of the stadium from inside the Sports Radio 610 Luxury Box was EPIC! but….. wait for it… It got even better…

HoustonGame1CField access… What?

HoustonGame1DYes, I was pretty geeked! I have to thank Ted for making this all possible, walking the field with him was extra, because he knows everyone. So it was the coolest meet & greet ever.

HoustonGameField1AWalking the girls while the players warm up has to be the coolest thing ever, watching players interact- this was a moment, Brady running over to give a little love. There is no doubt his presence as an athlete is powerful! (even more glad to be a Brady owner in fantasy football)


Here we are, everyone that was in the Sports Radio 610 Luxury box! Tracy at it again, totally nails the panoramic photo!

HoustonBoxI hope you enjoyed your little recap. I am absolutely in awe over all of the new things brought into my life by my first love. Sports. If this weekend didn’t validate my initial thought that anything would be possible for me, nothing will! Oh, it sure DID! To add to it all, some of you may know I like to use my tickets from games for book markers. Well I now officially have the coolest laminates book marker in history. What makes it even cooler is the fact that CJ Fiedorowicz is on it. I was on him before he got hot last season & talked about picking him up on my #FantasyFootballFriday spot on the show. It just wrapped it up with a bow that I now have this. The best book marker ever!


My #FantasyFootballFridays kick off this Friday August 25th. I can’t wait to do my stop on Sports Radio 610 to thank them for such an awesome weekend! #Houston