Cindie’s #Houston Part2

My Saturday afternoon on my trip to H-Town I spent at the brand new & totally beautiful Cindie’s location for my in store signing. Let me state this fact. I have been doing Adult Book Store appearances since 1994, so you can imagine all that I have seen. Walking into the new Cindie’s location was one of those AH Ha moments where I say to myself “We have come so far” with a smile on my face!

HoustonCindies2The brand new Cindie’s location is open & beautiful with an incredible variety of toys, lingerie, lotions & potions & sensual goodies. It juts oozes sex in all the right ways. When I think back to the stores of the past that I have visited and see the new world of the adult stores, I am just ecstatic. Walking into a store this beautiful that caters to women and men, everything good can come out of you visiting a store like Cindie’s.

HoustonCindies1I am always excited when I get to meet fans and sign copies of my book. What I find most interesting is the range of topics I get to talk to total strangers about. I mean we are not “total” strangers, it’s just that till we actually meet, they know me a little better than I know them. I hope you get my drift here. Lots of laughs and lots of interesting banter, which you know I love. I do events that are at clubs & it is never conducive for god conversation because it is often too loud, so I find a different pleasure in store signings. A much better space to communicate & get to know my people!

HoustonCindiesBrookeThis little sweetie Brooke worked at Cindie’s & she was so cute I had to take some pictures with her. Read this photo as “She is so smokin hot I need shades & I am gasping for air” That was exactly what i was feeling…

HoustonCindiesDaniloThis is Danilo. Danilo & I originally met on twitter, then finally met in person 7 years ago when I was feature dancing in Houston & we never lost touch since then. It was great to get to see him again in person after all the years of just tweeting. He has always been a positive tweeter & we have lots of different conversations. I promised to give him a copy of my book #TheLIFE and I did. He went home & started reading it & the way it looks from his timeline, he is almost finished with it already! If you are reading this Danilo, thank you for making the trip to Cindie’s to see me during my visit to H-Town!

HoustonCindiesLoganMe, Logan & his Harley Davidson. When he came into see me at Cindie’s, he let me know that he already had a picture of Nina Hartley by his bike & I instantly said, well if you have one of Nina (one of my favorite women in the industry) Then I want to take one too! So out we went into the sweltering heat & posed for a variety of photos by his bike. See his bag? Smart man, as he made some purchases for his lady while he was at the store. Logan has some serious game, let’s face it. Just classic.

FullSizeRender 35Cindie’s had a really cute set up with my Fleshlights, movies & some cool give aways for the guests! Don’t worry if you missed it, because today I am sending Cindie’s these autographed Fleshlight Photos for you to get free with purchase when you visit the store!

FullSizeRender 34

Cindie’s 18201 Gulf Freeway Clear Lake Texas, 77598  or visit the site