#MediaCruiser Event NFL Network

The NFL Network has a new Media Cruiser that will travel to Thursday Night Football Games this season. Not only will be the cruiser be cruising, but it will be filled with NFL Network Hall Of Famers. This cruiser will be a staple at the futures big events like the Super Bowl & NFL Draft. So, there is no doubt in your mind, I was just thrilled to be able to get a preview. An in person, up close look at the Media Cruiser. Let’s just say I think we would all be pretty happy checking out games in that, can you imagine the tailgating? Ok, I digress. Back to being serious about a totally awesome sports day for me.

The event was held at the Fairmont in Santa Monica. Just that is exciting, because it is right on Pacific Coast Highway, across the street from the beach. It is a stunning location, always a treat to visit. When I arrived I was greeted by this sign.

NFLHOFSignI pinched myself for a moment & smiled as I thought, yep, this is really happening, I am really a part of this. Again I take a moment to relish in the thought that I am living a dream come true for any real sports fan. That is what I am, fan first! I arrived early so I could scope everything out before it got hectic. I stepped into the room, looked around and took this picture. “Before it all begins,” I thought, “I want to capture this moment!”

NFLStageEmptyPretty cool, right?! Ok, so back to business, daydreaming break and back to reality, I need to get out there and meet some people, learn from them, hear what projects they are working on & that is just what I did. I met some very interesting people & some incredible potential guests for my show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. After a cup of coffee & some time to be social, it was finally time for us to sit down & let things begin. The walk out music started & it was something I would want to step up to the plate to crush a pitch to (that is if I actually played baseball) – who can it be?  Rich Eisen.

NFLRichEisen1There is something that happens the first time I hear one of the broadcasters I listen to on the regular, in person, as opposed to on my TV. It’s is a trip, I always wonder if that is how people feel about my voice. Or just me, but again, back to me being a fan, yeah. It is a fan moment, of the sport, the broadcaster, that athlete. That simple. One by one, Rich Eisen  introduced the line up of Hall Of Famers as they entered the stage. Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, Terrell Davis, Kurt Warner & LaDanian Tomlinson. Once they all sat down & got settled, things were ready to begin. The opening conversation about their non football lives, their families & kids was priceless.



The room was entertained by the personal stories, BUT nothing compared to the antics of the legendary Dallas Cowboys “Play Maker” Michael Irvin. In this clip Irvin is discussing that his highlight real from his HOF induction was too short for the legacy he played on the field. You will hear Marshall Faulk cracking a old man joke- again priceless!



Right before this clip, the Hall of Famers discussed that at the HOF Event, they place bets on who will cry first! That is so funny! right! Listen to this closely- lol



Now we get to hear Kurt Warner’s take on being inducted into The HOF.



This next clip, the beauty of a live event. Sootiness things said can be misunderstood. This is for sure the case with this clip, but the room was lit up laughing at the end!



I wanted to capture some candid moments, the in between moments, that only being there would show you. In this moment, Irvin has some commentary for Faulk’s kicks!



Last but NOT least- Who do you think would be first on that stage to take a #selfie ?



This is it! Now it is time to go outside check out the NFL Network Media Cruiser & get some time to watch the Thursday Night Game. Seriously, this cruiser, mixed with the beach air was intoxicating. I took a little time to get some pictures, my first I will call “The Calm Before the Storm” The media was approaching & lining up, while the Hall of Famers were getting ready to get their talk on. Here is the Media Cruiser opened up as Kurt Warner was out on the stage first getting himself ready to interview & take pictures.


You didn’t think that was the only Kurt Warner photo I would take, did you?

NFLKurtWarner1Yes, that is getting printed & framed & added to my super cool sports collection! I wandered around the Media Cruiser to check it all out!


I took some time to take some pictures while I waited for the media frenzy around the one & only Dallas Cowboy’s Playmaker Michael Irvin, I finally got my pic!

NFLMichaelIrvin2Yes, I will be printing & framing that one too. As soon as I took the pic I had to step aside & text it to all of my Cowboys loving friends! As the event was wrapping up & I was deciding to plan out my drive in traffic precisely so that I could listen to the rest of the game on SiriusXM. I also wanted to be sure that I took a little time to sit by the beach, get some fresh air & think about the power of the dynamic people I had spent the afternoon surrounded by! So I took my NFL Network Gift bag to the beach side & enjoyed the air!

NFLDayEnd1Now the curiosity begins.. right? “What’s in the bag?” I knew you were going to wonder that, so I played it all out for you & took a pic to share! NFL Network Swag! YASSSS!

NFLSwagBagWhat a day, right? I can’t wait to talk more about it Monday Night on my show “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy”  10pm-12am ET SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Sirius 210 XM 87