Australia Part2..

No I didn’t forget, I’ve been so side tracked by everything fantasy football, drafts non stop & some additional travel, yeah I’ll call it side tracked.

So, this Australia part2 edition is about my first day to play, when in a very like me way, I wanted to go right back to the same animal sanctuary I visited in 2010 when I was in Brisbane. Why not? I loved Lone Pine Sanctuary & there is a magical comfort in knowing your way around somewhere so far away!
The day started with a little walk by the water, while soaking in the beautiful sunlight & fresh air.

What a pretty path, right. Look how clean it is, that is how everything is there. I love it! To my left was this very unique structure that was a short cut to another path.. look over my shoulder

There was so much detail in every step of the structure .. the woodwork was intense .
Can you feel what a beautiful day it was in this photo? I can, maybe because I was there, but the sun was so bright and the sky was a brilliant blue. It was perfect. That’s just what this little guy was thinking kicking it in the path.that photo doesn’t give you perspective how massive that lizard was. But he was a big boy, just blending in with his surroundings. Enough of that and off to Lone Pine Sanctuary. It was about a 20 min drive and yes, they have uber too! So it’s easy to get around anywhere now!

As soon as I looked around I flashed back to my first visit there & how freaked out I was by the kangaroos. I promised to do better this trip!

And so I did!


​I gave some snack, had some chats & even was approached for a selfie by this little guy… so many kangaroos so little time.. the stretch of land the Sanctuary is on is just beautiful.  There are also a variety of random animals we don’t have in the states. Like a Wombat.. like what? Yeah.. let’s keep going here …the moment we all we’re waiting for! koalas! It’s so funny to see them sleeping like that! Talk about cozy, but it just looks like one crazy dream and he could fall right off of there!these goats were super fun! Once they realized I had some extra treats, they went nuts! You have to be feeling my vibe here, why I wanted to come back here! It’s beautiful, more nature that I could even soak in, but what I did I loved … like a scene from a movie! This was the special spot to watch the cattle dogs do a show. The way the dogs responded to their caregiver was just amazing! They walked up and sat next to everyone, one by one for pets!wandering past the sheep dog show led me to find some loner Kangaroos just chilling in the sun on their own.this kangaroo was bigger than me, so I took the long distance selfie, but he does look like he is posing for the selfie, right? That’s a better selfie of him, but not me, I am sharing anyway for him. His moment on my blogok that was just total photo randomness… I will end my day here, 2 more pictures first. Think of these as “day off” Lisa Ann. I take pictures of the dorkier things that fascinate me, like this. I didn’t just take the picture, I had to read each one, out loud first. It’s a day off people! Lol ok, time to wrap up this entry with a sweet little bow (in the form of a picture) 😉