Every Fantasy Football Season, I have 1 guarantee. Bob Harris from The Football Diehards will be traveling to Los Angeles to host The Alice in Chains Charity Fantasy Football Draft. (It will air tomorrow night on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio) So with this reliable fact, another reliable fact is that I will pick Bob up from the airport, find a unique spot to have breakfast, take a scenic drive & get him to his hotel.

This trip was a little different. Bob reached out to me yesterday & asked if I would want to stop by the NFL Network to meet the team in person. So I would now be picking him up, we would have some time to grab breakfast (his flight was getting in at 7am) and then be over at the NFL Network by 9am. Done & Done … When I picked Bob up there was NO traffic a common sign of a holiday in Los Angeles, everyone is gone. Somewhat of a ghost town. That presented a challenge. Everything was closed. Except, the ever so reliable Starbucks. So, we each got a fruit cup, enjoyed a coffee and I tried to wake up!

BobHarris1ALook how empty the streets are behind us. It was pretty and peaceful as we caught up! In this business, the world of Fantasy Sports, Football Season is like an accountants April. The first 2 weeks are so busy, so many drafts, news, cuts & details, till the first game kicks off & we all get to decompress, just a bit. OH I can’t wait for that moment! So after our coffees, it was time for our real field trip to begin. We were headed to meet up with Michael Fabiano at the NFL Network. This is what greeted us when we pulled in.


I thought that was pretty cool. As we arrived we were greeted by Fabiano & he walked us through, introduced us to everyone & we sat with him while he was in make up!! lol


You know I LOVED this doorway! BTW: 2 uber cool facts about Michael Fabiano #1. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan. #2. He loves Curb Your Enthusiasm & used a Sienfeld reference within the first 5 minutes we were all chatting! He rocks….


Look who we ran into! Maurice Jones Drew! That’s Right MJD from Runnin with MJD. He used to have a show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Network & it was great to get to say hello and catch up! He was pretty surprised to see us!

MJD copy

A little collage to spice things up! LOL After our tour it was time for them to start to shoot this LIVE day that is all things Fantasy Football. The final breakdown before it all begins!

NFLNetwork3I love the studio, the intro music, all of it. It is all part of my fiber this time of year, so being there in person was yet another HYPE moment on the way to the actually kick off the fantasy football season!

FullSizeRender 37Well knowing that I have 2 drafts today, along with my show tonight, it was time to head out. I still wanted to stick to the tradition of taking Bob to a unique spot to eat before I took him to his hotel. So I headed up La Cienega Blvd to a great spot I knew we could sit outside & also that he would love. Real Food Daily. Their slogan “Never Diet, just eat real food daily!” Love that!

We started with an app that was incredible, all veggies seasoned & grilled! Umm

RFD1The I got the Jackfruit Street Tacos & Bob got the Tennesee BBQ

FullSizeRender 38In case you are in the LA area and wanna check this spot out, the food is amazing, the atmosphere is super cute. Here is the inside look, the menu & the link.

FullSizeRender 39


IMG_1454Not a bad way to spend Labor Day! It is always nice to catch up with Bob Harris & a big thank you to Michael Fabiano, Matt Money Smith, Marcas Grant & Adam Rank