What The Health..

While I was battling a little cold, I decided to turn to my trusted cure Netflix & Chill. Not the sexy kind, actually really an unflattering visual of me in my bed, snuggled up with a couple boxes of tissues to keep blowing my nose. LOL..

For months I have been told I HAVE to watch the documentary on Netflix “What the Health” This was my chance. Let me preface this with some facts here. First fun fact, my good friend Bob Harris (if you play Fantasy you know him from the Football Diehards) started a plant based protein meal plan a couple of months ago. We talk about it endlessly & he has given me so many cool pointers on foods to try, the perfect devices to cut preparation time & make this for me, feasible to try. Hearing & seeing Bob’s success with his new plan really inspired me to give this a try . With that said I started 1 month ago taking my diet to 70% plant based protein & was only eating chicken & fish sparingly on the other 30% of the time. With the words of Bob in my mind, eat your meats as a condiment, not the main course. So with that 30% of the time, I was also eating 30% potions of the animal proteins.

Then I watched “What the Health” …  The last questions I had were answered, my fears were confirmed. So immediately after I watched the documentary, I made my decision to actively try to pursue a life of eating a purely plant based protein diet.

So far so good, I have for sure upped my meal prep, but I feel great. Yes, this is a short period of time, only one week, so we will have many more check ins on this topic, but keep in mind how little animal proteins I was eating last month. This decision is just about making the best choices for my body with the least amount of risk.

I will start to write down my daily meals, new things I have added & how I am being creative with the fruits & vegetables. It’s funny, when I came to LA and met non stop vegetarians, I was so like “I’m a PA girl, I will always eat meat!” Well the more I learn, the more I grow, the more I grow the more potential I have for positive change. With that said, I really want you to take the time to watch the documentary. I would love to have a face book live chat about this sometime down the road after you have watched it!



I am feeling great, resting well & working out really hard. I feel less blasting