Sometimes I SEW!

Yes, that caption is correct, but what I must tell you is that “sometimes” hasn’t happened in over 15 years. So you can only imagine when I went into that corner in my closet where my sewing machine has been stored for years, I was so curious “Will this thing even work?” I asked myself. Next question “Will I remember how to use it?”

So off I went, sewing machine, supplies (things I battled keeping when I was going through my intense minimalism process) & I went to set up at my dining room table. I sat down. Apprehensive. Concerned. I knew 1 thing, I found the perfect thread but I would have to start by filling a new bobbin. I put the bobbin & thread in my hand. I turned on the power of my “Old Reliable” Singer  Sewing Machine & listened. I listened to the voice of Peggy, my neighbor who, many years ago, taught me how to sew. “Needle the bobbin & put in like a P” that was the best way to ever describe the way the thread has to face to connect with the thread in the needle above. I took a deep breath, looked to the top if the machine & there is was. The bobbin threader. I then heard Peggy again, “flip the switch to reverse, get your threat tension & step on the peddle and watch the bobbin tension as it fills” THERE it was. (of and yeah, older sewing machines have a peddle, like a little gas peddle attached, I have no idea what they are like now with modern technology.)

I sat in total amazement. I felt an adrenalin rush. “I can do this!” I said to myself. The goal was to makes some minor adjustments to the fit of my Halloween Costume for my event at Knoxville’s Friday Night in Edmonton. SO, I decided to go for it before I had no more time to find something else, just incase I messed up! lol! Always have a back up plan. Failure happens- Just not in this case! Well, to my surprise,  it was a total win. I took my freshly spun bobbin, treaded my needle, remembered how to pull through the bobbin thread and got the WIN!

There is something so beautiful & nostalgic about a craft from the past. Sewing brought that feeling right back to me. The childhood memories of sewing with Peggy after school. I had such a sense of pride when I put on my costume after my adjustments & a full day later, I still do, so I just had to share. I even woke up thinking, “dammnnn GIRL you busted out your sewing machine & killed it yesterday” It was a hype like I felt the day after I went skydiving. One of those “Oh yeah, that happened yesterday” …

The timing of this all could just not be better. As I have lost some weight  so many of my favorite clothes just don’t fit me properly & I have been debating what to do everything. Problem solved! The plan is to pick my favorites and one by one, make my sewing adjustments & I can recreate something I love into something I love even more!