These Jeans..

These jeans have a story, a history and a connection..


When I first moved to California, flashing back to the early 90’z, one of the first thing I wanted to do was walk Melrose Ave & check out a real vintage shop. I was so adventurous when I first moved. I kept an on going list on my fridge directing me on every thing I wanted to do & see with any free moments I had.


I drove from Huntington Beach to Melrose Ave with money to spend on a mission for a pair of vintage jeans. These exact jeans. Yes, I kept them all these years. Many of the years they didn’t fit me, but every single time I cleaned my closet, they made the cut. I just had this feeling that not only one day would they fit me again, but if I held on to them they would also be recycled back in style.


When I was making the list of the outfits I wanted to properly stylize the shoot I was planning, these jeans came to mind. I pulled them out of my closet & tried them on for the first time in years and in total shock, they fit. All my years of holding on to them paid off, I had a hunch & it was right! The top was a gift from my wish list from Walter & I knew it would give a really fun vibe with the jeans!

So, like I said, these jeans have a story, a history & a connection!