Just for fun..

The other day I shot some new photos, just for fun. OK just for fun & a little self research. Now that I am adjusting my look & permanently moving into my healthy lifestyle, I have felt more and more curious how I look in front of the camera. My body feels entirely different & I wanted to see what I was feeling looked like.


I mapped out this shoot about a month ago, filling it in after Australia, so I could have a day on set to catch up & tell all my travel stories to my good friend Chris Streams. Chris and I have been shooting pictures together longer than I can remember. Through any transition in my life, Chris and I have always stayed closely connected. That connection & friendship has been a big part of my success & happiness.


Something that I see now really reads in the camera, is comfort. I can tell so much now when I see older photos of myself shot by people I didn’t love to shoot with. The photos are not the same, I don’t look the same. I love to shoot with Chris & Holly. They both make me feel so comfortable & that just reads so well. Add in the incredible make up  by my friend Rosalinda & I feel unstoppable. The other day on set was so fun, coming home to sort through the photos was next level!


Whats my point? Well it is pretty simple. A little life lesson I have lately become pretty real about. When I do things just for fun, I feel the most beautiful.