Holiday Shopping!

Here we are. It is that time of the year, we are out Holiday Gift Shopping. This can be a very stressful time & well nothing relieves stress like a good… (you know where I am going here)

With that said, lets talk about sex & sex toys. Some of the best gifts I have ever received have been the toys that I have that just keep giving. The technology entered the female toy market way before the male market.


Do some research on the products from Kiiroo.  The technology is just incredible. I was in total awe the first time I heard about it & when I saw that The Launch actually works with the Fleshlight, I was like OH baby!

This is a truly unique gift that you can be the first to give! Check out TheLaunch.

You can also go & see all the new FLESHLIGHT Girls!

Have a VERY SEXY Holiday Season!