Only Fans…

Tomorrow, December 15th, is the 3 year anniversary of me posting my handwritten retirement letter on my facebook page. These past 3, very unique years of my life, have taught me a lot about myself, my life, my choices and most important you!


Yes, I said YOU! You all have been a consistent force in my quest for new adventures. This past year specifically, I got back out there! The perfect mix of trade shows, events, store appearances & well I loved it. Getting back to my roots felt incredible. The adult business is the true fiber of my existence and more than ever I have endless gratitude towards it.


I have finally stuck the perfect balance. I love my gig doing fantasy sports radio for SiriusXM! I work with incredible people & I now have the perfect excuse to watch as much sports as possible. (I love that fact) When you add that to the reality that I am still able to get out, travel, appear at events & see your smiling faces (and as always chat with you on social media) it is clear that I have struck the perfect balance in life at 45 years old.


One of the many things I have learned about myself is that somehow, years ago, I hit the panic button and thought turning 40 was the end & I had to stop taking pictures out of fear I wouldn’t look as good. Well that was silly, I feel better than ever & looks follow with the confidence that comes with that, not my appearance in the mirror. Attitude is everything and these are just few of the real lessons I learned over the past 3 years.


So, over time, I started to take some fun photos again this year, as you may have noticed & loved it. Flash forward to NOW.


The day before my 3 year anniversary. I am ready to bring some of the sexy back with you again. My choice, because I want to & because, lets face it, I love to. So many of the awesome people I met in my travels over the past year also reminded me how much they miss me, how much they have enjoyed me! That type of inspiration is too good to ignore.


All of you have made me feel sexier than ever. You also reminded me how much joy I have brought into your lives & I can’t thank you enough for that. I love creating & sharing a sexy product, I always have, so lets have a little fun.


I was having this in-depth conversation with my good friend Christian the other day and he said “Lisa, you need to sign up for Only Fans. Give you & your fans a place to reconnect with you. You have so much content to share & you can have get creative again while creating new content!” Well there you have it. Christian and I have been close friends since 2005. He always inspires me, he always reminds me that I can do what ever makes me happy & he always supports me.


I had some fun on my own yesterday, shooting some videos & photos of myself. I thought this first drop on only fans should be a solo experience, something not professionally shot, something you can picture as us alone since I was alone when I shot them! I will add the perfect mix of old and new content on my only fans page.

I added a sense of my comedy as well. My first 2 videos will show you this! LOL