Thank you!

Today is the 3-year anniversary of the release of my retirement letter on my Facebook page. It is also the 2 year anniversary of my book #TheLIFE .. What you don’t know is it is also the 1-year anniversary of me making the decision to take 2017 and re introduce some of my past adventures that I still loved, into my current life. I missed traveling, interacting in person, connecting with people who work at the trade shows, bookstores & clubs. So, I did it. I mixed it up in 2017!

Change. That is what it is all about. Creating change, challenging myself and always evolving. The beginning of my transition was challenging to say the least. I continued to focus, I read a lot & I buried my head in stats to improve my fantasy sports skills. It was and still is the perfect escape.

Let’s flash forward to today. Year 3. Now. With a smile I say Thank you. Thank you to so many of you who have made me smile on social media or at an event in person. You all contributed to my year being dynamic. Thank you for inspiring me to do some new things, like kicking off my podcast, The Lisa Ann Experience. Thank you for your kind words, your support & your friendships.

I am writing a 2017 recap for us! I am having so much fun putting it together!