The reality discussed yesterday about my “every day is a school day” thing, well I am about to bring this to fruition in a real way. I have found myself a private tutor, someone I see as a live, Swiss army knife and I would be a fool not to take a beat to learn and make my life easier moving forward.

Pretty much everything I do and have done has been an experiment. I have always been willing to try, to do the research, watch a you tube video or two. I am totally amazed at the things I have repaired myself, at home, after watching a couple how to videos on you tube. I also remember the feeling of total swagger when I figured out figured out how to send messages to a pager that, when the pager was flipped upside down, it would spell a word. Yes, I said pager!

So you can see the place where I reside with technology. I had a pager. It was stupid expensive, but it was cool and it made me feel closer to technology. I now see that as proof that I am not afraid to try new things and learn but over the past say, ten years, the new things are flying at us in such a rapid pace it is really hard to keep up!

Keep in mind, at just 18 years old, while dancing as a house girl at Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading PA, I was already hiring photographers to shoot photos of me. I would have to pick my favorites and have them printed. I would then write a letter and mail them to all of the companies in Los Angeles, CA that I wanted to shoot for. The kid (ME) has always been hella crafty all the way back then. With age I look back with a giggle and a strange sense of pride in the amount of effort that I have applied to get where I wanted to go. You should know that I wanted to live in California more than anything. I must have said it every day as a teenager!

Now, I will flash forward from the pager while looking back a good amount of years and I will use my production company as an example. I remember making the decision many years ago, that yes, I wanted my own company, I wanted to produce, manage and control my content. I knew the basics needed to produce a movie from being on the other side as a talent agent. I knew I would have to find my talent, availability dates, locations, and preferred talent and made up artist and snacks. OK, great. I got this. The week of shooting went great and it was everything I had hoped it to be. Once we were all done, I would get my content on a hard drive. Well, I will never forget the first time my photographer handed my a hard drive with my first movie on it. I stood still. A hard Drive? To that point I had never opened one, used one, managed one, nada. No master skills.

You guessed it, I figured it out. Like I have figured out many things, but I do realize with some of the things I do there are ways that I could be more efficient. I also would like to up my skills, learn some basic editing and with that I am looking to buy a new computer and learning things first and working with my tutor, so I can make the right purchase that suits my needs.

I will be starting my school days this coming Wednesday and will continue them weekly whenever I can. I have been building a list of things I want to improve on as well as a new project that I want to take on that I know you will totally enjoy.

The reality is, I could figure these things out on my own, but let’s face it, time is of the essence. If I spend too much time tinkering with the settings on my blog then I won’t have time to write an entry. If I sit & try to edit for a day, I for sure won’t post anything. So I have made it this far in the figuring out place, now it is time to write down all of the “could I be doing this better?” moments in my day, take them to a professional and fine tune my skills.

There is a caveat I am adding to my “school Days.” The days of learning will be the entire day. I still have not yet mastered my Italian, but I have been listening to the my audio books five hours a week and playing a bit with babble. I will listen to Italian that day to and from my lesson and that night I will also watch all TV in Italian. The goal is to in the next couple of months, hire a language tutor so I can start to use the beautiful Italian language in conversation style.

My mindset is that if I listen to Italian on my commute, I can cleanse my mental palette from my daily banter, allowing me to be in the place of learning when I arrive to see my tutor. The drive home can be a bit of the same mixed in with the excitement that if I learned more and can potentially be more efficient, I can go to Italy more and wander around aimlessly eating gelato! That is the goal right? Lol