Oh yeah, that’s right, I am stepping right into the sneaker game! This is an exciting adventure for me that I have so many feels about. Growing up on the east coast and spending some years in Philly, kicks were everything. Tho that vibe isn ‘t as extreme on the west coast, kicks are a connection to my roots for sure. I still live it and  feel it and having this new opportunity really helps me step up my game.


One of my amazing connects from NYC who is always talking me up in different circles and introducing me to really solid people for years introduced me to Garrixon last year. The idea that I can custom design a sneaker every month, making them available for you! Each pair is made to order and turn around time on a pair ordered will be 4-6 weeks. I thought that was pretty sick for a custom made sneaker.

I chose Jordan’s out of the brands they work with. The fact that I get to day dream about what kicks I want next is so fun for me. I have many ideas and may even make a couple formal designs for those of us who want to dress up, but still be able to play a pick up game at any time ..lol


More details will be coming. The goal is to drop the first pair with a Valentine’s Day Launch.. Sio sweet right!?  This spring I will be going to the Garrixon factory in Philly where I will be able to sit at a sewing machine and learn how to make the custom kicks first hand. This is right in my wheel house. Let my crafty self rejoice & make us some of the sickest kicks ever. That’s the plan!

Yesterday was the perfect day to shoot some pics and start to really get me comfy in my new kicks. I also shot an interview with Rich, the man I was introduced to, who made this all possible. I will be posting it on my You Tube for you to enjoy! Here is a pic from our chat! Note the box. Made me happy! So awesome! #MyKicks