I read a lot of news. A lot, quite possibly an obsessive about of news, but it is not all what you think. There are many unique stories out there that catch my eye and when they do, I hit that little drop down menu on the new app and save the story.

About once a month, I proceed to go through all of my “saved stories” in front of my computer and I dig deeper. This is when I fall deep into my curiosity of what inspired me to save the story.

In November I read this piece on Rob Lawless, take a minute and read it HERE… 

In December I sat down to dig deeper into his story and was inspired by his curiosity. Today was my day. The day where I would take an hour out of my day to share my story with Rob and learn a little about him as well. One of the greatest escapes in my life comes from taking time away from me and sharing it with someone else.

We sat down for a cup of coffee and an hour conversation. You will see my post on Rob’s Instagram which you can find HERE

I was inspired by someone who wants to have a one hour conversation with ten thousand people, how could you not be. Now you can scroll his instagram and read about all the different, interesting and kind people who have shared an hour of their life with him.