This is my smile right after setting up my next appointment at the dentist. Crazy right? Someone who loves the dentist, well that is me. You may not know that when I was in high school I worked at a dental office as a dental assistant as part of my school work program, so I am pretty comfortable at the dentist as I feel I know what goes down. The dentist is only an issue if you don’t do your homework (consistent brushing and flossing) it is then that the hygienist may have to go to work, which in turn can leave one in a bit of discomfort. 

When I moved to New York, I assumed I would just see my dentist in Los Angeles when I went to visit friends. I have kept up with that, but with travel restrictions, that is getting a little trickier. In reality, it also is time to realize that I am now in my second apartment since I moved coast to coast and I need to plant my feet for real. Setting up with my new dentist is something I consider to be part of that process. 

My dentist in Los Angeles, is by far my favorite dentist I have ever had. He is a die-hard Dodgers fan and we could talk sports forever. When I saw him last and let him know I was living in NYC full time, he let me know that one of his best friends from college has a practice in the city and he would give me all of the needed referral information. Having the connect with how cool my LA dentist is and my new dentist is his friend, my comfort level is exactly where it needs to be. 

Many places are now requiring a Covid tests to book an appointment, so for me, I scheduled my appointment right after getting back the results of my latest test. I have been testing weekly and I will tell you something, testing minimizes anxiety, testing gives me the information I need to feel comfortable with some movement and some progress on the obvious things I need to handle, like scheduling a dentist appointment. 

Scheduling this appointment, like many appointments, has been pushed off and procrastinated with the help of Covid. I am pretty sure I am not alone when it comes to realizing how time is flying by this year and how quickly we can get behind on schedule the things that matter most. Whether it be a dental appointment or a regular checkup, I am writing you today to make sure you are taking care of you! 

Side bar: My first dentist had a sign in the office. I read it for years and did not get the meaning. I was about ten years old when I had my Ah- ha moment. 

The sign said “Only Floss The Teeth You Want to Keep!” I remember saying “what if I want to keep all of my teeth?” Needless to say I have flossed every day since that very moment!