#nyc pics

As we adapt and adjust to the current state of life, I think we all have a short list of things we miss the most. I know I do and though many of the things on my list are currently unobtainable like being in studio to do my shows, traveling to Italy to live freely one gelato shop to the next or getting together with a large group of friends.   

After careful calculations I was able to marry two of my favorite things that I really missed together and now here I am. I miss wandering around and taking photos and now is actually such a unique time to do just that. The city is still pretty quiet and it is incredibly clean. 

Through a mutual contact, I was introduced to a photographer in the city, Ali. As soon as the introduction took place, I felt a little spark of excitement. I knew just having a reason to get out and wander, while showcasing NYC was filling me with joy. Yes, there is one compromise, I will be wearing a mask. I snuck a couple in totally empty areas without a mask, but ladies, we all know that once your make up is done and you put on a mask you have no idea what it may look like when you take it off, so there is that. 

Once Ali and I started to exchange emails, we discussed all the pretty places in the city we would capture together in the city. I started to plot and plan adding in the current frigid temperatures and knew I wouldn’t want to change outside in a pop up changing tent, but I also wouldn’t want to wear the exact same thing for an entire day of pictures. 

The brainstorming begins… I decided I would have one main outfit that would work with a variety of jackets, boots, scarves and accessories. I packed up a small rolling suitcase and a large purse to carry a smaller purse and a make-up kit. 

As we move through the day, I mix it up and I have been just thrilled of the choices I make on color for where we are shooting. To keep things simple it is just Ali and I so as she carries her camera bag & camera, I have all of my gear. While she shoots pics, she is babysitting my suitcase, coat etc. 

I love to be creative with my photos and I love taking photos, finding the light, seeing a patch of color and knowing it is going to fit perfectly with what I pulled out of my bag of tricks. 

This picture is showing you what it is like on an out in the city shoot day! This shot captures me on the in between, before I take off my warm coat, drop my suitcase and strike a pose!