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It was Tuesday, January 11th,  and five hundred copies of my new book, The Life Back,  were being delivered. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there was also the little fact that that delivery would be the first time seeing, touching feeling my new book. 

Little potentially unknown fact about me, I am very superstitious. Growing up in a big Italian family will do that to anyone. I bring this up to let you know I would not allow myself to even list the book in my store until all of the boxes were in my apartment.

They arrive, it was adrenalin pinching. There were 19 boxes total weighing 28lbs each. As I opened my door and propped it with a box of the paperbacks, one by one I carried the boxes into my apartment with so much excitement, I didn’t even notice the weight or the work, it was like I was lifting empty boxes filled with butterflies. 

The Life Back

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 I listed my new book on my store, and I immediately opened the boxes on an IG Live, giving a little back story about the delivery tracking and the cover art and looking at both the hardcover and paperback version. SO FUN!

I made a coffee and just sat with my books. Turning the pages was more satisfying than my coffee. I mentally prepared myself for my future of filling orders. I had spent the week before setting up my office with all the supplies I would need from sharpies, thank you stickers to ink and paper for my printer. I was set. 

By the time I finished my coffee I had 12 orders for my new book, The Life Back. I immediately printed the shipping labels and committed to being finished filling the orders in an hour so I could get the first batch of orders at the post office the same day they arrived at me. It was so fun, I decided to shoot a time-lapse video while I handle the orders keeping me focused and away from any distraction on my phone. 

Time Lapse is so silly, but so am I!

The walk to the post office was brick aka cold af. It was the coldest day of the year making me think about the potential of going to the post office in a somewhat warm climate.


I was overdue for a California trip. When I was making my cross country over in 2019, my bestie and I made a strict 2 months visit rule, with that said – I had not been back to Cali since October. With an impending snowstorm on the way, I visualized the struggle of my post office walks..

I did some logistics on sales and shipping time knowing the post office would be closed Sunday and Monday, it was an ideal weekend to take a trip. I decided to pack a carry-on of books and supplies and a small duffel bag for my clothes that would fit in the carry-on for my return trip so I would only have the check a bag one-way. 


I got everything together and as I loaded the books I remind myself of my desire to create the life I want to live, full of travel, adventure, and friendships. This was a moment of truth. I realized I am fulfilling my desire by packing this bag, making sure I can still travel and fill orders for my store at the same damn time. 

So, different day, different post office. 

I added some silly behind-the-scenes photos so you know how it goes before we capture the right image. I am super clumsy at times, so these things happen & there are many retakes!

Different day,

different mailbox..