Brisbane, Australia

I am so excited to be going back to Brisbane, Australia for Sexpo sponsored by Fleshlight. I was lucky enough to get to go there years ago and I loved it. The people that run the show there turn in more into a magical vacation than a work trip! The first day we arrived they took us to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary & I still have the photos to prove it!



The same day in the wild wandering through the Sanctuary I also got to feed some Kangaroos. I was a little taken back at first for sure & they are pretty friendly for snacks. You will be able to see my apprehension a bit here in the pics!


after my giggling I got it together and had some fun!


I loved the kangaroo hand holding moment here! So precious!


These are the moments, thanks to the invention of a hard drive collected from an old computer, I have been having so much fun going through to make this blog a super fun place for all of us. It has been a walk down memory lane for me, for sure!


The memories of the travels & the adventures I have taken can now be all in one place. This was a really special day I will never forget. It was summer, BUT I read that the Koala likes to clinch on when held, so I wore a jacket and I ended up kinda looking like I worked there! HA- here is a nothing shot of me holding a koala like a big baby!


Notice the Vet Tix Hat? That is one of my very brilliant friends at work, look at what he has put together, it is just amazing!


This trip will be even better because I can keep a daily journal on my blog! The food, the sights and yes I plan to stay for a day off so I can go sky diving there! Why NOT! or should I cringe and say #YOLO

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