Sky Diving, my 1st time..

On May 11th, this year, 2 days after my 45th Birthday I went sky diving for my first time. I was asked if I would do it for an interview for a new show being produced for Porn Hub, it is called The News @ Sex. I will let you know when it will launch. Back to the dive, we drove down to Oceanside Ca from LA. There comes a point towards the last 3rd of the drive that it can be a great ride for a passenger. I looked out the window, looked at the ocean and knew that I was going to see that from an entirely new perspective. I couldn’t wait. Let me also add, we planned this a couple months in advance and every day I would ask myself if I was getting scared to go. Nope, not one day, even the morning of the dive. The freedom I felt, the total surrender, to me was incredible!


When we got there we had time to watch some other jumpers before us & we watched the parachutes get packed back up between jumps. No one really wants to see that right, easy to over think it. My mindset the entire day was “this is what these people do for a living, no one wants to die today” sounds harsh, so brace yourself for my tone from time to time. It is a joke, if every you have no idea what I am saying, it is most likely a joke. My humor doesn’t cater to all. OK, back to this is what these people do for a living. There was a woman who jumps solo and shoots the extra video footage in the air. I was fascinated by her, she was so chill, yet I knew to do what she does she had to be a total beast. This is her, free falling backwards, talking to me, trying to reach me so we can connect and spin.


Look how chill she looks for our entire 50 second free fall. Just unreal.. There was so much about that day, the level of adventure, the day away from the computer, out and about, all of it. I was like a kid in a candy store. Somewhat interviewing everyone I meet, so curious. When you check in at Go Jump in Oceanside, you are greeted by iPads to fill out your details. With in an hour after the jump the photos & video links are sent to your email. They could not have made it any easier or more fun.


As we went up in the plane they started to tighten all of our gear, give us easy basic things to remember and next thing you know the door on the plane opens all bets are off, shits about to get real. I jumped next to last and 1 by 1 the 5 pairs jumped before me leaving the plane jumping a but from the weight, nothing that could go wrong, but it was enough to rock it a bit and add some next level, unexpected thrill. When we went to the door i looked out, took a deep breath and leaned back as my instructor suggested I should. It didn’t feel like a second before I was looking over the earth, clearly seeing the ocean, feeling the cool, clean air and just in awe. Something I always wanted to do, brought to me by my life from my past that still brings me some really excellent adventures. I will be sky diving again, for sure. I do want to do it in different locations to see totally different sights as well. Don’t worry, you will be the first to know!