All about you….

Welcome to my new blog world. This was inspired by all of you & put together by ME! With something new, I think new fun photos should be part if it all & nothing says FUN like bubbles, poolside, in a bikini… RIGHT? !!!!


I wanted to give us a central place where you can find everything at one click. Yes, my thoughts of saving you endless hours of scrolling through my timelines, sorting through my endless #FantasySports talk & getting you directly to the category that interests you..



Social media is fun, simple, easy, but I am either limited by characters, photos or the 10 second video on snap… This is where it will all go down & from here you will be able to land in every direction I am going …. Get ready to be along side me, kinda tagging long in all of my adventures…

Oh, I took some pics to just check on my work at the gym, this is one…




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