My 1 night working at Dunkin Donuts!

Ok, so NO, I didn’t work there for real, but it was one of the road stories I always looked back on and smile. So, when I was on the road, I loved to stop for a coffee on the way to the club. Just my jam. This trip, if my memory serves me was Jacksonville, NC Toby’s. That is beside the point I know, so here is what went down. We stopped at the Dunkin Donuts on the way to the club. When I walked in, these 2 guys that were working there noticed me right away. Not only did the notice, they jumped over the counter to say hello. I was cracking up! So I was short on time & told them I would come earlier the next night so we could take tons of photos, which I did & we did..


The manager actually let me get behind the counter and take all of these silly pics! It was so fun!

615582BA-77F3-4B7C-BA0D-05DF9D7D0E6DThat night I told them that I would put them on my guest list at the club. They arrived with a care package that looked like this..

DDNC10They also gave me those name badges they were pointing to in the other picture. I carried those name tags in my make up bag for every tour after that till I retired. They also brought these to the club for the girls…

DDNC14Thank you Dom & James. You guys made my trip. These are the fun memories I want to share with all of you here on my blog. a great mix of Past, Present & Future! #PPF