Kate Quigley #DateFails

So, sometime last year I realized I was getting lost in the work sauce on social media. I get so distracted with the professional utilization on my social media feeds that I sometimes forget to be social! Like social for me. So I decided to search out some interesting women that i would eventually one day possibly get to meet.

That brings me to Kate Quigley @KateQFunny She gives great tweet, many days I look to her profile for some of her white, smart yet sexy comedy. After some fun interaction I finally saw her post that she would be coming to the Comedy Store in LA.

KateQmay28So the day arrived & I met up for dinner with my friend Holly Randall. We decided to get a bite to eat at Katana & walk over to the Comedy Store (not much of a walk it is right next door). As soon as we arrived I slid into Kate’s DM to let her know we were there & we would wait for her after the show to say hello. There were a good variety of comedians before Kate, but no one struck a cord with me like she did. Her show was a reflection of what I love about her twitter commentary & by the time the show was over I was even more excited to meet her.

IMG_4023We took our pic, had a couple minutes to talk, we finally exchanged real numbers so there was no more need to slid into her DMs. LOL As we were saying good bye she invited me to be a guest on her pod cast. I was thrilled, not only to be on her pod cast but to have a chance to get to know her more. With my desire to be social on social media and my commitment to being deliberate in life, I knew I had met another strong, hard working woman that I could connect with. I think it is so important for women to be out there, supporting each other and that is important to me in my new life.

So as I was on set last week, basking in the sun, plain in the pool & taking new photos, Kate texted me asking if I would be free the next day to record the pod cast. YAY I said, I am so there! When you do an interview, the host is everything. If they are good & you can easily connect it is magic & the hour feels like 10 minutes! That was the case here.  hope you enjoy it as much as I did!