XRCO Awards..

I found these pics in my pursuit of labeling & sorting 20 plus years of photos, hard drives & yeah CDs. The journey has been fun & certain photos really make me laugh. These photos are from the 2014 XRCO Awards in Los Angeles..

One of the things I always loved & still do, playing dress up! So fun!

XRCO2014FOne of my favorite things about getting all dressed up has always been going to get something to eat later, still dressed up. It is a silly thing my friend all know about me. While everyone else is drinking & enjoying themselves, I would be walking around taking pictures picturing the junk food I would be enjoying after the event. lol

XRCO2014AWhen in LA, Jerry’s is my jam since it is open all night & they have seen it all. No one even flinches when I walk in dressed to the nines! LOL .. I also love that at Jerry’s they bring you pickles right away. YUM

XRCO2014BYes, I may look a little tired. I am sure I was in make up early & didn’t make enough time to eat that day. While I was sorting photos, I saw these and laughed. I wondered if it would be a shock to you to know my secret. Junk food totally dressed up! lol