Snap Chat

Here we go… You all talked me into it. Here I am, wondering why I find so many things just not snap worthy. LOL .. Like when I am traveling, doing events or out and about, I will be snappy. EXTRA on the snappy, but to think I should snap while I am working on my computer & watching baseball all day, seems a bit lame! As you can see, I will be getting out and a bout. I will tap into that “snappy” side of me, it will happen, just not all the time. I am not going to start getting in the mix of following other people because realistically when I go on the app, I don’t want to fall into hours of reading & watching,  I should be thinking about appealing to the masses, sharing with all of you. You should see the amount of hours I can loose just catching up on twitter DMs, so for now, keeping this at a healthy pace, I will just use snap to post. I will be able to focus the time I have for it on all of you. This is my verbal commitment that if something interesting happens and or when I am feeling a bit snappy, I will SNAP!