Eating Paleo

I am flattered by the requests for me to write about my diet & what I call food lifestyle. Now please let me remind you all that before you make any drastic measures with your diet, you should consult your doctor and or a nutritionist.

I wanted to be sure the new food lifestyle I wanted to life worked well with my blood type as well as my lifestyle. I eat paleo. You may have heard me talk about this, but this is the way I have decided to eat & live.

Thinking about recreating new habits is the first step in establishing new, better choices for how you eat & treat your body. We have to remove the word diet & replace it with lifestyle, because the word diet in my mind has an end game involved and well creating new, better, healthy habits is something that should have no end goal.

Let’s start with my grocery trips. I shop, the exterior of the store only. Yes, I enter in the produce isle, which takes me the longest. My cart is half filled with fruits & vegetables right away. I pass though dairy, grab my eggs, my Greek yogurt & then to the meats. I buy a lot of chicken breasts, ground chicken, ground turkey, ground bison & once a week I eat a small steak. I also love lamb, whole or ground I love it. The only time you will see me walk in a center isle is to pick up some frozen fruit for my smoothies.

I go to the store about every 3 days, I also have a lot of farmers markets to choose from, but when you are buying veggies (I do buy organic) you want to be sure you are buying the right amount to avoid waste in your fridge or the occasional rotted cucumbers (ewww that is the worst lol)

My weekly menu features lots of smoothies with a mix of some veggie smoothies:EX: My fav morning smoothie – I am a big fan of the Nutribullet

Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, protein powder, apple cider vinegar, frozen banana and half coconut water & half water. (This is how I start pretty much every day.)

Lunch will be a salad with some of the chicken breast that I always have cooked & ready to go in my fridge.

Dinner will be a simple combo of ground turkey or chicken & veggies.

I will get in a detailed snack post so you can see what fun treats I eat. I buy all my snacks on Thrive Market. Why you ask? Simple, Thrive not only has great prices, but they also allow me to hit that “Paleo” button & only shop in the realm of what fits in my diet. These items would be too hard for me to find in the store without being tempted by other things that I know I love but I just should not have because they bring a negative nutritional value into my life.

This diet has had more benefits that I could have every imagined. I have more energy, I sleep better, my skin is clearer and I can just feel the perfect balance in my blood sugar with no spikes, positive or negative. I am eating for fuel & filling my body with the things that it needs to keep me focused throughout the day. I started eating this way in December of 2014 & I have gradually lost 43lbs. I was not necessarily looking to loose weight; I was just looking to eat with a purpose. The way I also want to live my life.

I will continue to add some recipes & shopping options so we can all be in this together! Keep in mind when I go out to eat, which is once in a while, I may bend the rules and eat something I would not normally eat at home, I can’t deny my love for pizza, that’s real. This keeps me in a good balance, but the rule at home is to always eat clean.

I will keep it coming for you all, I just wanted to start with the basics!