Why I love Thrive Market

So, yesterday seemed to really strike up some additional curiosity about my healthy lifestyle, so I thought I would bring you along on the journey as I unpacked my most recent order from Thrive Market!

I wanted to really walk you through this- so YES, I shot multiple videos…

This is my way to hopefully make you a little less reluctant to attempt eating healthier, for me Paleo has been perfect, but like I said it may not be for you. It is the adjustments you can make gradually that really add up..

There is a lot of goodness in that package. Great stuff for me to pac on the go when I don’t have much time. Good snack to hold me over so I don’t make a hasty, hungry, unhealthy decision! Every little bit helps!

just one more- or 2 …


I made it super easy for you. We, together unpacked my latest order & now you can check out thrive yourself here