Some of you may have noticed last month I was promoting a “Win A Date” contest along with the details to a fund raiser being held for my friend Rob Vee.


Rob & I met when I hosted for his clubs & it was always a pleasure to work for him. He was always professional, kind & fun to be around, combined with our shared desire to talk endlessly about fantasy sports & sports in general. Earlier this year, I was contacted by another partner from the clubs letting me know that Rob had had a stroke. It was then that his people started to collect get well videos for Rob that they could play for him when they went to the hospital. After months of constant contact & planning the fundraiser was starting to get planned & I suggested sending some signed copies of #TheLIFE  for them to sell at Rob’s event.

The wheels started rolling like they often do in my wild mind and I came up with the bright Idea to see if anyone would want to win a date with me to a Met’s Game. Win Win for me, I meet someone new who did something amazing for a great cause & I get to see my beloved NY Mets. (My childish crush on Mr Met is pretty real- mascots just are fun, no  better way to put it, anyone can see their inner child when spotting the mascot!)

When I arrived into NYC this am, I was able to visit Rob Vee in the hospital for the first time. It is never easy to see someone for the first time at the hospital, but it felt great to see Rob today.  He has the excitement in his eyes with visitors & has a laser pointer that directs to a letter board so he can make conversation with everyone. The nurses caring for him were so sweet & when I told them about my date one right away started breaking down the Mets at the moment. She is a die hard fan. I get so amped when I meet other women who love sports. (yes, it is the simple things) While I was at the hospital I had some time to talk to Rob’s wife and learn all she is reading and learning to prepare her to help him the best way possible. When I get to see that kind of love, care, compassion & kindness it fills my heart with faith and reminds me to do anything and everything I can to help others however i can. It is that simple.

Flash forward to the game. It was the Rockies VS the Mets. Funny when I was asked who the Mets were playing tonight on twitter- I got silly trolled by the Rockies Account (which I loved and found hella amusing) at the same time- that is some bad sports karma coming right back at the Rockies tonight- Final Rockies 2 / Mets 14 … #LGM

FullSizeRenderHow funny is that? Ah… I love when Twitter is entertaining!

I would now like to introduce you all to Logan. FullSizeRenderAs soon as I saw Logan I knew I had met him before. Logan had just flown in from Wisconsin, so process of strip club elimination, I knew it had to be Silk- the question was Madison or Milwaukee, which he verified was 5 years ago, Silk Madison. Little did Logan know that as soon as he said Madison I had that calm cool comfort of the fact that my favorite person in the world is from Madison, WI & I have never met a person from there I didn’t like. So, the conversation started outside of Citi Field & went on endlessly through out the night. I did ask Logan one question that was important to me. I wanted to know what inspired him to want to win the date, donating the money to the fundraiser. He shared with me that he has wanted to get more involved with good causes.  This was an extra fun way to get more involved right!? Pretty sweet if you ask me!

As soon as we got to check out our seats, we were told we could order Shake Shack & they would bring it to us. OMG- so amazing, the line for Shake Shack is usually SO long, worth it, but so long. It didn’t take much convincing for Logan to be ready to share in my excitement for Shake Shack & a beer. I like to have a beer at a baseball game, why not!?!

IMG_4888We had GREAT seats right! Logan’s 1st time in NY & Citi Field. He is a Brewers Fan, but he went along with it & cheered for the Mets with me tonight.  Once the Mets had a solid lead we were really able to talk & get to know each other over our beer, burger & fries.

Thank you Logan, your act of kindness will never be forgotten & our friendship will continue on, there may just be a Brewers Game in our future!


If anyone would like more information about donations you can go to #Prayforrobvee