The Secret

It was the summer of 2007 & I was making the drive to Vegas for a friends Birthday weekend. What I loved about these weekends is I would stay at her house & we would do non Vegas strip things, like stay home, bbq and lay out at her pool with her 2 amazing pugs on their own raft! (You should know I love Pugs) This was also often a time where we would enlighten each other with books or movies we have recently discovered.

When I arrived, the first thing she said was “I have something we HAVE to watch together, it will change your life.” Now that is a good pitch coming from a friend who I always learned a lot from & secretly was a sponge as I considered her a bit smarter than me. LOL (she is really gifted, I choose friends smarter than me so I can learn & grow)

As soon as I get settled, she puts in the DVD. I sat, I listened and I observed. I loved what I was watching, BUT I had an idea that I wanted to read the book, then go back and watch the dvd again.

As soon as I returned from the trip, I went out and bought the book The Secret & the DVD. I was right, reading it had the impact I needed. For me, reading heightens my depth of what I am learning, when it isn’t fed to me on a DVD I am able to slowly consume the information. I like to take breaks when I read and go through some of my own scenarios where this would apply to MY LIFE.

I read the book cover to cover, followed by watching the DVD. On repeat for a couple of weeks & I can tell you this. My friend was right. The SECRET did change my life. I mean TOTALLY change my life, because it showed me how to adjust my mindset & live & stay in a positive mindset.

Let’s flash forward 2 years to 2009 when I decided to join the world of twitter. As soon as I got onto twitter, I spent days following all of the people I wanted to follow & one of the first on my list was Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret. Over time & tweets, she noticed me. She noticed me recommending the book to others & talking openly about the concept that my entire mindset was redirected in the most beautiful was because of her book The Secret.

Let’s flash forward to 2016. The release of the new series from The Secret were being released “How the Secret Changed MY Life” & “The Secret The 10th Anniversary Edition”┬áCan you believe that the author herself, Rhonda Byrne reached out to me & offered to send me autographed copies of her new books. I was blown away. The creator behind the concept that I know changed MY life was sending me autographed copies was the most special thing ever to me.

When the books arrived, I stopped what I was doing & read them both cover to cover. Now I keep them on my night stand and re read the short stories whenever I want. So, in the book review section of my blog. I want to share this with you.

The Secret is available on Netflix. You can get the books on Amazon. I highly suggest you take some time to yourself, relax & fall into the “Power of Positive Thought” of The Secret. Many of you ask me how I stay so positive, now you know my secret. The Secret!