When I was a kid, I loved a good scavenger hunt. My first memory of the invention of post its was how awesome they were to post clues & directions for said scavenger hunts! As I grew up, I realized that scavenger hunts, my total childhood jam, not so big with the adults. Except for me. I put my spin on the things that I do to create my own adult style, business related, scavenger hunts.

Today’s business related scavenger hunt will be to reach out to an endless amount of people to try to gather clues to solve the mystery and find the person that can solve the problem, ending the hunt. It’s a Friday, really throwing a wrench in my plan since adult, business scavenger hunts go dark on the weekend. Unlike the kid style that totally rallies over the weekends. I digress..

So, why am I telling you this? Well, to explain what some may see as total insanity is really just my calm. When I started to make a game out of the tasks especially the daunting tasks, it became competitive & fun. With that combo I go into a never quit mindset, while never getting frustrated, just feeling the comfort and satisfaction of getting closer to my goal.


Here is the unsolved mystery I am faced with. It was brought to my attention yesterday, but I like to take a step back, see if worked itself out over night (mistakes rarely do lol) but after a good nights sleep I am on point to start this #scavengerhunt

Look at that- look again… Seriously, yesterday it was 1200.00 today 1519.54 for a used copy of my book.  Let the games begin my people, I have pens, post its and a note pad ready. I have mail to sort while I sit on hold for endless amounts of time, I am ready, because I know one thing, I am a damn good competitor. I am ready for this challenge, excited for this challenge.

You know why?

Because the deep down inside, the kid in me will always love a good #scavengerhunt

If you were looking to buy my book on amazon, I am sorry for the inconvenience I will keep you posted on my progress. You can also always get your copy from me!