This is the week; the week of endless adventure begins. I will be traveling to Australia tomorrow to spend the weekend in Brisbane at Sexpo! You may recall when I first launched #TRLA I shared a post that included some cool pictures of my first visit to Brisbane. Here we go again! New experiences, new photos & with the good fortune of a good Internet convention you can expect some serious periscope time for sure!

(ICYMI here is a photo from my last trip to Brisbane, Australia)



When I arrive in Brisbane, Australia, I will be headed into the Fleshlight offices so I can meet everyone there & tour their warehouse. I have a funny feeling that I will be on some serious social media during my visit, because I will be having total withdraw after the endless travel hours where I will stay disconnected. Yes, I could hop on Wi-Fi on the plane, but this is just another place where the old school me shines through. See I find flights relaxing because of the disconnect. I love to be free of it all, stay off the Internet, read, watch movies & write. So- now you know.



Friday the show starts & I am getting up crazy early to do some radio shows. You know I love that! I love going into different radio stations, taking photos & looking at their wall of fame. Most stations have a cool wall of all of the people who have walked through there. Pictures, signatures etc. I will add to it & take photos so you all have proof.


Here are my exacts for the show- schedule for signing & doing my Q & A time on the stage. I love a good Q & A, perfect time for me to make lots of really bad jokes! Lol

Lisa Ann

With football season right around the corner, I know I will be back on lock down, with little travel, too focused on managing my #FantasyFootball teams with the endless pursuit of wins! Those potential wins hopefully helping me build my trophy collection at the end of the season. With that said, I decided to add a day off to my trip, so I can have some down time, enjoy the city & potentially go sky diving while I am there. I already found a spot and am excited to check it out. I loved it SO much my 1st time I sky dived- you remember!



Keep in mind we will be dealing with a pretty BIG time difference, so you may have to go back to see what you may have missed while you were sleeping!


More details on Sexpo HERE!