Travel Day!

I am off to the airport or what I like to call “the window to the world.” Let me give you some perspective, on why I see it this way. Growing up, my family traveled by car or motorhome. We camped, went to the jersey shore, visited relatives in Canada and the every couple of years trip to Florida. I remember watching airports on TV, yet never visited one, watching people fly in movies, wondering every time what it was like. My very first flight, one I anticipated for years before it came to fruition, was a one-way ticket to LA to get into the business. That flight had an incredible impact on me, every moment of the day leading up to my adventure was more thrilling than the last.


Travel was one of the key motivators in me wanting to take the chance on getting into the business. I wanted to see the world and I knew the business could facilitate that and that it did and that it still does. I have a sense of gratitude that I feel every trip I am taking. I know this was something I wanted & I am not about to take it for granted and not see it all, everything, live it, experience and thoroughly enjoy it.


Every trip, I walk myself trough that memory. The one that starts with the first flight I ever took. What I was thinking that day, compared to what I think now. I still feel pretty, pretty, pretty damn lucky & get totally excited about the unknown adventure I am about to take. “An adult field trip,” as I say. Everyone & everything I see is new. It is a beautiful blank page for me, somewhat of a master reset.


I have spent the day packing and prepping for my trip to Brisbane, Australia. I like to take my time, try on what I am packing & have the minimal of everything so I do my best to avoid over packing. When it comes to prepping, that’s the downloading of books, movies & TV shows, so that I can be sure that the 14 hours flight is entertaining. Planning is everything!


The most important things for a trip this long are all in my carry on. I pack an extreme toiletry bag for this long of a flight. It includes products to turn my flight into a little spa experience. As soon as I get on the plane, I was my face and put on and over night facial mask to stay hydrated. I have a moisture mist for my skin, lip balms, hand cream & essential oils. This is my survival when I know as soon as I land I will be going to meet and greet people! I also have a change of clothes & a make up kit to get myself ready to hit the ground running when I arrive. A couple other tips, I always fly in compression socks, no matter how long the flight it. Just say no to kankels, this is the solution! I also pack individually wrapped hand sanitizer wipes, eye mask & my own blankie. Why not it enjoyable, comfortable and cozy.


Comfortable & cozy is just how I want to be when I take my time, disconnected from my phone, away from working on my computer & have some real time to daydream. Looking back through the memories at where I have been, while visualizing where I am going..


This time, I get to say “I am going down under!”