It’s Sunday. As we get closer to the real NFL Season, I picture my future Sundays. First, lets start with I have to skip the gym, because on the west coast the games start way too early & there is no way I can properly obsess over DFS if I take time for myself in the morning. The entire NFL Sunday is spent sitting less than 5 feet from my tv. Surrounded my 2 computers, phone, iPad while in the background I am listening to Sirius.  I love my league chat rooms on game days so Gifs are part of that weekly tradition!

My need for all of these devices comes from the fear of missing that big play, the one that could make or break my DFS lines up, lose a head to head match up on one of my season long #fantasyfootball leagues. Yes, this all does sound obsessive, I know, but it’s fun. I make it my day. It starts with a big breakfast, I normally cook on the grill between the later games & I enjoy the day to myself as I write notes during the games for my show Monday Night Lisa Ann Does Fantasy on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. So it is a little work & a lot of down time.

One of the casualties of being WAY too wrapped up in a large list of players due to multiple fantasy football leagues & multiple DFS line ups, the FLIPPING. back and forth through channels. How many times do I miss something because I have no time for commercials, so I flip. I think we all flip. The problem we encounter is we don’t always flip back in time. Was it a call? A penalty, what happened in the 1 game that for whatever reason you want to watch in it’s entirety. For me that would be any and all Dallas Cowboys Games. I almost feel like I cheated, lied, did something horrible when I don’t flip back to Dak & the boys fast enough. The solution is here. Finally, another app to play with! This is the app, that will always make me flip back!

Total side bar, since I am sitting still all day, I usually change my nail polish color every Sunday while I watch games, I also will do a hair mask & a facial mask sometime through out the day. Reasoning, it is the only time i am patient & still enough to perfectly polish my nails & allow them to dry smudge free. Also- these little activities remind me that I may be in serious football mode, but I am still a girlie girl & I love it. Monday’s I feel so rested & fresh and my nails look great! That was a total side bar, but a moment of honesty as well…

This app gives me the notifications so that I know exactly when I should flip back! It will alert me when the game is starting, returning from the commercials & any delays. I got 2 words for this app. WHOOP WHOOP

Now I will never miss the games that matter so much to me, yet I will still be able to flip back & forth between commercial breaks!

Download the app.   SPORT FLIP learn more

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