Sexpo Day 1…

My latest adventures brought to you by Fleshlight at Sexpo in Brisbane, Australia. You may have noticed but in 2017 I decided to again, spread my wings & get out a bit. No better way for me to do just that, than taking this trade show tour. It all started this April in Denver at Exxxotica. That was the first trade show I had done, since I retired in December of 2014. I was bit apprehensive, I will admit. I was torn between the comforts I have grown accustomed to by staying at home, sleeping in my own bed & being able to cook my own food. I had to compromise some small conveniences  that have become such a big part of my new life.

What I discovered during this 1st show back, was, I missed it. I missed the interaction, the interesting conversations I have with strangers. Meeting new people for me can be a totally different experience than for someone else. There is an openness that is shared instantly, a comfort that I got so used to and must have taken for granted because I forgot all about it. That 1st show back was just the spark of excitement I needed. The amount of smiles, hugs and just plain enthusiasm was beautiful. It made me feel I am where I need to be. After I basked in that glory for a while, I decided to get back out there. So every couple of months we will all be going on an adventure. There will be photos, periscopes and snap chats going during our adventures. After the fact, I will do just this, I will recreate my experience for you, in the form of MY BLOG.

SexpoDay1AHere I am day 1 at the Fleshlight Booth at Sexpo. I got there a bit early that day so I could wander around and get the lay of the land.  As the day went on, I got tons of sexy visitors coming by to say hello. One of the little sweeties I had been tweeting with before the show was Isabelle Deltore. She is a little firecracker! I loved this candid shot! (Follow her on twitter @IsabelleDeltore


Not too long after my super fun conversation with Isabelle, who BTW has the greatest Aussie accent ever. I was greeted by a friendly American who I had not seen in years, Brandy Aniston! (her twitter @BrandyAniston ) we had a nice chat & quickly made plans to get together on Monday to go to Lone Pine Animal Sanctuary.

SexpoBrandyAnistonNext up, another Aussie I had been tweeted with and was really excited to meet, Aubrey Black. (You can follow Aubrey Black on twitter @aubreyblack_ )

SexpoAubreyBetween all my sexy guests that visited me at the Fleshlight Booth, I had endless conversations with fans as well. Some really interesting people, I asked a lot of questions & learned a ton random things. One of the couples that came to see me brought me a jersey for the local Brisbane “Footy” Team. Yes, that is what they call it, Footy. lol.

SexpoDay1jerseyHow sweet is that? Moreno, how cool is it that so far away, people keep up with me. What I am about, what I enjoy, what I collect. All of it, so sweet & really a special gift to bring back from my trip!

When it was break time, I decided grab my Kindle and find a quiet place outside to read. Expo had a really nice upstairs break area for us, there was food, incredible coffee & two private outdoor areas where I knew I could site & thoroughly enjoy my break!

SexpoDay1BreakI still prefer reading an actual book, BUT the convenience of the Kindle is too hard to resist, especially when traveling! In case you are wondering what I was reading..


I am really enjoying this book. It is a real thinker, once I finish it, I will share what I loved so much with you. After my little coffee/reading break, it was time to hit the Sexpo Stage & take more pictures with fans at the show!


Well I don’t know about you, but Day 1 at Sexpo was a long one. As I started to get tired all I was thinking about  was a glass of wine & some #NetflixandChill time in my tub!