Thank you!

Saturday was the #Walk2ENDALZ in Huntington Beach, CA.



Thanks to a very special group of you who supported me on my donations page to #EndAlz I was able to raise $1,556.00 .. My personal goal was set for $1000. and once I surpassed that, I got a special TShirt (one I am wearing in the pics) & this Medal.


Were you wondering why I chose Huntington Beach for my 1st walk? Well that is exactly where I lived when I first moved to the west coast. Bola Chica State Beach was MY beach. The first couple of years I lived there, I went to the turn around at Bolsa Chica & Warner almost every day, to end my day by watching the sun set. I loved living by the beach & enjoying the sunsets. The other reason I wanted to walk there is because it is also where I met the best friends of my life, Schack & Tina. If you read my book, you know all about them. So BIG bonus for me, my special day also was surrounded by special people. Here is a shot of me & Tina celebrating at the finish line.. #SelfieSkills

IMG_1694 2

I was also joined by another friend Elizabeth Meza- who you all know from Dash Radio “The Show” getting girlfriends together for the first time over a special cause to all of us was such a highlight for me. Every step more positive than the last.

IMG_1707Saturday was more than special. It was powerful. So many incredible people all taking time out of their life, to work towards improving someone else’s. I have been wanting to be more proactive with charity work & because of all of you who contributed to my donation page for the #Walk2ENDALZ I now have the confirmation that this is totally something I should be doing more often. Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you: Ted Johnson, Sean Irvine, Denise Baldridge, Petra Hass, Todd Ewing, Jon Mohr, Ary Rosenbaum, Tommy Duwe, Andy Weil, Justin Enzmann, Todd Ewing, Chris Unti, James Poepperling, Jeff Scrimpsher, Danilo Medina, Dipesh Mistry, Brian Hollingsworth, Andrew Bohm, Roger Garcia, Erick Ortega, Bob Harris, Michael Goldbloom, Chris DeVault, Ashton Fern, Kevin Mullett.

Thank you all so very much for supporting me in the #Walk2ENDALZ